Design Notes: The Antique Effect Mirror Splashback

A beautiful design feature that adds an interesting focal point to any kitchen is the antique effect mirror splashback.

Having an antique effect mirror splashback is a great way to maximise the light in your kitchen as well as making your room look bigger. These splashbacks are interesting to look at and you will always find new markings.

The mottled surface is also handy because it will disguise any splashes that appear from cooking. Being a glass splashback, the surface is super easy to clean – just spray on some glass cleaner and wipe.

We used an antique mirror effect splashback on a project we completed in Worminghall, Buckinghamshire. This beautiful country-style kitchen is elevated by the splashback above the oven. This design feature also helps to bounce the natural light around the room.

At Benchmark Kitchens we use Optidek, a brilliant brand with a lot of positives such as the splashbacks being; heat resistant, cost effective, no grout lines and being easy to clean and maintain. There is a beautiful range of colours and aesthetics so we are confident we can put the perfect antique glass splashback in your kitchen.

An antique effect mirror splashback is a great design feature that adds a real wow factor.