Design Style: The Black Kitchen

Perhaps one of the biggest emerging trends of 2022 so far is making a statement with black in your kitchen.

The black kitchen is perhaps the hottest kitchen trend of 2022. Brooding shades have been taking over the interior landscape in recent years, and it is clear why. Black can be used to make a statement whilst also maintaining a timeless sophistication and creating a luxurious ambiance.

Bold choices can be made using black, such as painting walls in the shade or installing black flooring, sinks and cabinetry.  However, the colour can also be used to make more impactful statements, like adding black brassware and fittings, to create a contrast in your kitchen – a great idea if you are just looking to modernise your kitchen without a full refit.

Here are some of our top picks to incorporate this colour into your own kitchen:


Black worktops can look incredibly luxurious and make a great statement across your kitchen.

A Statement Island:

Islands are a great wait to create a feature in your kitchen, and a black one adds extra drama, couple it with a black worktop and you’re on to a real statement piece.

Kitchen Units: 

Bold kitchen units are very much in, and black kitchen units are no exception. A choice that adds drama to your kitchen.


Black taps are a firm favourite here at Benchmarks! They can be added to a kitchen to make a beautiful statement and they look sleek and luxurious.


Black handles, plinths and handless profiles can again be used to add drama and sophistication in your kitchen. Black fittings adds a sexy, modern ambience to a kitchen.