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‘Form Follows Food’ – Caesarstone Forecasts

Forecaster of the Future, Li Edelkoort has been working with Caesarstone to create ‘Form Follows Food’, a forecast of where the design of kitchens is heading.

Taking an avant-garde approach, she had the idea that food was influencing the way we design our kitchens. She explores three trend directions:

‘Conceptual Concrete’ – The whole use of concrete is in itself a concept. It brings a sort of heavy, industrial, brutalist vision of the kitchen, and a heavy, hands-on feel.

‘Marbelling Mood’ – Capturing tones, this trend is more refined, sophisticated, with little veins in the material giving a more luxurious feel like marble.

‘Dark Rituals’ – Black marble has different types of veins, some dense and some spread out. This theme corresponds to the preparation of food such as roasting, or cooking directly in the flame. Charcoal is a main influence.