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Kitchen Islands….. ‘How big can we go?’

‘So how big can we have our island?’…….. a common question we are asked during initial discussions before we design a kitchen.

Well there are a few factors that dictate the answer.

Space, flow, and light.

Firstly work out the space you need from walls, other work surfaces, the back of the table and chairs to walk around the island. Generally we work on a minimum of 90cm gaps. Once you take away this space, the room left will often dictates the maximum size of the island.

The flow of the island must work with shape of the room, and the direction of traffic around it. You must be able to walk around it without feeling it has been stuck in your way.

Lighting is a key factor. Both the natural, and ceiling lighting. You will not want to block out the light from the nice new bi-fold doors that have just been fitted, and you will not want those lovely pendant lights handing down in strange place. These lights can often be the key in positioning the island, when looking in from the outside or from the hallway, it has to look right from every angle.