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Laminate vs Quartz Worktops

Choosing a worktop can be quite a big decision, not only can it be a core design feature but it’s also important to consider cost, durability, colour choice, upkeep, overall look.

It’s no secret that the gap between laminate and quartz worktops is narrowing and premium laminates are aiming to catch up with Quartz’s reputation. Quartz is a more premium worktop choice, yet now laminate work tops are getting a second look. We thought we would compare the two so you can decide what’s best for you.

Material Make-up

Laminate: Essentially, laminate worktops are a slab of MDF particleboard that’s covered with a thing layers of laminate. Laminate is made from layers of Kraft paper and synthetic resin.

Quartz: Minerals are mixed with resin, colorants and fillers before being heated and compressed into a slab.


Depth: Quartz replicates natural stone far better than laminate. Due to the thin nature of laminate sheets, it cannot replicate Quartz’s visual depth as laminate is not physically deep.

Veining: the distinctive veining and crystalline structures that are found in marble are better represented in laminate. Laminate worktops call continue veins over the edges, mimicking a cross section of natural stone.

Solid colours: Quartz has a limited range of solid colours compared with laminate. However, Quartz has a wider range of flecked colours and more natural stone-looking finishes.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects when choosing a worktop is how durable the material is. Our kitchen worktops go through a lot day-to-day so durability is a key factor to consider in your decision.

A laminate worktop is good at being resistant to chemicals and fluids however, it’s resistance to heat and physical damage is inferior to Quartz. It’s also worth noting that whilst laminate resists stains, it’s not stain-proof. Quartz, on the other hand, has a high resistance to heat, moisture and chemicals. Again, it may retain stains of hard water and chemicals; but only if it’s accumulating a longer period of time.


Quartz is low maintenance in comparison to laminate. It’s easy to clean and may need a polish every couple of years. A laminate worktop is high maintenance because it scratches and chips easily, however, it is again easy to clean – just be careful with sharp knives and your worktops!


Laminate is a much cheaper option on the whole than Quartz. However, the best laminate worktops available on the market equate to same cost as low-range Quartz.