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Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger

There are many tricks to help give the illusion of more space in your kitchen:

1) Using lighter colours. This doesn’t have to be white – pale grey also works well, and it doesn’t have to be the whole room. A lighter coloured flooring or a light work surface will give this effect.
2) Reflective materials. By choosing a mirrored or high gloss splashback, you will create depth in the room and the possibility of making the room appear twice as big.
3) Don’t overcrowd it. Well-designed kitchens will make the best use of space when positioning units. Use clever storage solutions so you won’t need to fill the room with cupboards.
4) Light it up. A well-lit room will draw you in whereas a dimly lit one will automatically seem smaller. Make sure you get in as much natural light as possible too.
5) Less clutter. Keep accessories to a minimum if trying to maximise worktop space, and only have the essentials on show. A clear work surface area will make your kitchen look more spacious.