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Planning Your Dream Bathroom

The answer is with us, but… here are a few tips to consider when taking on a new bathroom project.

Planning your dream bathroom means considering the pampering elements of your space as well as more technical elements, like plumbing. It can be a relatively daunting feet but here at Benchmark Kitchens and Interiors, we have the expert knowledge to design and fit your new dream bathroom.

Let’s look at the key elements of planning your dream bathroom, from the design to functionality.

Assessing your bathroom needs

Before you get started with the nitty gritty of bathroom design, think about your bathroom needs and how you use it. Is it a family bathroom, an en-suite or a guest bathroom? Ultimately this could drastically affect your bathroom design as your bathroom needs will affect the fixtures, fittings and colour scheme you finally decide.


Perhaps the most important elements of designing your bathroom is choosing the correct layout for your needs. It is very important to be realistic about the amount of space you have, to ensure the functionality of your new bathroom. There are 4 main bathroom layouts:

  • Statement bath layout
  • Over-bath shower layout
  • Bath and shower layout
  • Shower room.

Get some inspiration

There are three styles to consider when designing: period, classic or contemporary. Use apps like Instagram and Pinterest to put together mood boards of the sort of look you’d like to go for, or some interesting design features you could consider in your own project.  Having an initial idea of the style will make it easier for you to narrow down the number of products you look at because trust us, there’s a lot!

Ask the experts

Once you’ve got your design styles, bathroom plans and budget sorted, it’s a good idea to speak to the experts to sort your bathroom design. There’s certain elements of the design you may not have considered and can be expensive mistakes to make. We go through the entire process with you, from designing to fitting your dream kitchen.


Make an appointment with us today to start creating your dream bathroom!