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The Importance of Lighting in Kitchen Design

Lighting in a kitchen is very important: In order to function well, you need to be able to see! But what type of lighting should you choose?

Advances in technology have brought many variations, however sometimes too much choice can cause problems! Halogen, low energy lighting or LED? Which colour will work best? Sometimes the type of light may be determined by your desire for dimming facilities.

Then there is the decision as to where the lighting should be placed. Generally, in a kitchen there are five different lighting positions:

1. Ceiling lighting – to provide general overall light, illuminating your whole room.

2. Plinth lighting – usually LED spots or strips to create a runway affect, an atmospheric light at very low level.

3. Display lighting – found in glass-fronted cabinets and in over-mantle shelving to provide targeted light to illuminate a particular object or space.

4. Under wall unit lighting – designed to light up your working area.

5. Over wall unit lighting – either facing downwards to illuminate the area or facing upwards to illuminate the ceiling.