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Types of Kitchen Layout

It can be overwhelming, with a number of types of kitchen layout, to know which would work best in your kitchen. Our designer makes the most of your space and needs to ensure optimum functionality.

There are a number of different layout options when designing a kitchen. In this blog post, we take a look at the different layouts and explain a bit more about them so you can consider what could work best in your own space.

Open Plan Kitchens:

The open plan kitchen is arguably the most popular kitchen layout in recent years. Kitchens are the hearts of our homes and therefore kitchens are now a dual-functional space. Open plan layouts are efficient in terms of space and functionality as well as maximising the social element of the kitchen.

Broken Plan Kitchens:

In contrast to the open plan kitchen, broken plan kitchens uses separate zones for cooking, entertaining and home-working; allowing for more privacy when needed.

Galley Kitchens:

Galley kitchens are incredibly functional and are particularly useful in smaller kitchens to truly maximise the space available. It is important to think about making the most of your floor to ceiling space due to the long, narrow nature of a galley kitchen.

L-shaped Kitchens:

The L shaped kitchen is a more traditional layout that sees a kitchen being designed around the corner of the room with counters and cupboards running perpendicular along two walls. This design has several practical advantages such as moving around your kitchen with ease.


U-shaped Kitchens:

The U-shaped kitchen runs against three walls. The main advantage of this layout is that you will have a lot of worktop space as well as working well in both an open-plan and broken-plan kitchen.

Island Kitchens:

Island kitchens have free-standing island detached from all walls. For a kitchen island layout to work well in your kitchen, are reliant on having adequate space for a walkway but can be a fantastic design feature. Kitchen islands are also available on wheels making them incredibly adaptable.

Peninsula Kitchens:

A peninsula kitchen is formed by one counter extending from the wall into the kitchen space. It’s like an island design but more adaptable.