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What is Siemens Home Connect?

With Siemens Home Connect, you can control your appliances from your phone, or control them with your voice via Amazon Alexa.

Just download the Home Connect app and you are ready to go.

With Camera in the fridge, you are able to see the contents of your fridge wherever you are, so you can check how much milk is left from the supermarket.

Cooking is made simpler are you can now select a recipe and transfer the settings to the oven. Then you can even ask Alexa when the dinner will be ready.

Impress friends when entertaining by having their coffee order saved ready and asking Alexa to make it for them! With coffeeWorld you can program the type, strength and temperature of their coffee, so it can be made with just one touch.

Turn travelling time into something productive by setting your washing machine or dishwasher whilst away from home. You can also receive a notification when it’s finished.