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Where to Begin with a New Kitchen?

First things first, do your research! Get a general idea of what you like – colours, styles etc. Visit showrooms, browse brochures. The more you can decide on, the easier it will be for your kitchen designer to design something you will love!

Make a list of things from your current kitchen that you wish to keep. You may want to stick with your existing stand-alone fridge/freezer or washing machine, or you may want a complete refresh and have everything integrated instead.

Next up, decide on your budget. Be realistic. Your designer will try to work within your given budget, but to do this they need to know how much you are able to spend.

If your room is ready to measure, make an appointment with your kitchen designer to come to your home and take down all the necessary details of the room. They will also go over any other requirements you may have. Then, you leave it up to them to produce an initial design.

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